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Alan Dolan BSc, MSc

I have over 30 years of communications, community engagement and facilitation experience, working for government, and as a private consultant to government, First Nations and NGOs. I formed Alan Dolan & Associates in 1994 and work with a network of associates on a project-by-project basis.

Prior to 1994, I held a variety of senior communications positions with the government of British Columbia, including Director of Communications at the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and Communications Manager at the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.

With two degrees in biology and an additional five years experience working as an environmental biologist, I have focused much of my work in the environmental, sustainability and natural resources fields.

I sat on the CRD Roundtable on the Environment for seven years, a volunteer organization established by the Capital Regional District to engage the community on environmental and sustainability issues. I was an active member on the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce's Environment Committee. I was a founding member and former Chair of the Board of the Victoria Values-Based Business Network, an organization concerned with social and environmental responsibility.

I am a member of Transition Victoria and sit on the Transition Victoria Economy Group. I sit on the steering committee for Pesticide-Free CRD and I am the coordinator of the Greater Victoria Food Exchange Co-op.

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