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Community Engagement and Facilitation

• Planning and organizing meetings, workshops, open houses and other forms of consultation to engage public, stakeholders and First Nations
• Facilitating meetings, workshops, and strategic planning sessions using a variety of approaches
• Training and mentoring in facilitation and group process
• IAP2 Certificate, Art of Hosting Workshop

Selected Contracts: Community Engagement/Facilitation

Marine Plan Implementation
Council of the Haida Nation

Planning public and stakeholder consultations and communications for the implementation of a Marine Plan. Providing strategic advice on CHN’s involvement in Marine Protected Areas Network planning. Planning for facilitation of a two-day workshop on monitoring.

Community Engagement
Beaver River Watershed Alliance

Developing a communications and community engagement strategy for the Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Facilitating the Technical Advisory Team. Engaging with stakeholders, and First Nations and Métis communities.

Community Engagement
Lesser Slave Watershed Council

Planned and facilitated stakeholder workshops and First Nations and Métis meetings as part of the development of the watershed council’s Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Wrote a communications and community engagement plan.

Island View Beach
Capital Regional District

Provided strategic advice and designed and facilitated a multi-stakeholder Community Dialogue Forum to address issues in the development of a management plan for Island View Beach Regional Park. Oversaw a group of seven small-group facilitators.

Marine Planning
MaPP (Marine Planning Partnership for the North Pacific Coast)
Coordinated public and stakeholder consultations and engagement for this initiative of 18 First Nations and the Province of BC. Facilitated public meetings and other workshops. Developed associated communications including stakeholder issue analysis, messaging, media protocols and informational materials.

Salt Spring Island Community Economic Development Strategy
Capital Regional District

Collaborated with the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal on a research, planning and community engagement project to develop an economic development strategy for the island.

Resident Killer Whales Action Plan Meetings (SARA)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Facilitated public and First Nations meetings on species at risk action planning for northern and southern resident killer whales.

Marine Use Planning
Council of the Haida Nation

Planned public and stakeholder consultations and communications for the release of a Marine Use Plan. Facilitated sectoral stakeholder meetings.

Community Engagement: Integrated Watershed Management Plan
Red Deer River Watershed Alliance
Project management for a watershed planning process, which began in 2010. Includes consultation planning, logistics, facilitating and documenting community forums and workshops as well as facilitating a Technical Advisory Committee. Prepared and implemented communications strategy.

Management Plan Workshop: Stressors-based approach to developing conservation objectives Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Facilitated and documented a two-day workshop for the Sgaan-Kinghlas – Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area Advisory Committee. The MPA is co-managed by the Council of the Haida Nation and DFO.

Stakeholder Engagement and Review of the Quality Waters Strategy
Ministry of Environment

Reviewed the Quality Waters Strategy, a policy for addressing world-class sport fishing in BC. Interviewed stakeholders and staff and reviewed past consultation processes to make recommendations on community engagement and the role of stakeholder committees, the effective development of angling management plans, and how to streamline the system so resources are used in the most efficient way.

Community Engagement on Steelhead Angling
Ministry of Environment

Planned and led a public and stakeholder consultation process over two years to develop an Angling Management Plan for steelhead sportfishing in the Skeena River watershed. Involved stakeholder meetings, public meetings, public open houses, facilitation of small working groups to develop the plan, and external communications.

State of the Park Report
Parks Canada

Co-facilitated a series of interviews with 17 First Nations on Southern Vancouver Island and two in the Lower Mainland that have a historical interest in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Site Selection: Sewage Treatment Facilities
Capital Regional District
Faciliated small groups at neighborhood workshops designed to gather feedback on site selection for sewage treatment facilities in the CRD.

Integrated Watershed Management
Capital Regional District

Facilitated workshop for a community working group on integrated watershed management and facilitated and developed a draft operational plan for the Integrated Watershed Management program at CRD.

Coburg Peninsula Park Management plan
City of Colwood

Developed a public consultation process and facilitated meetings with stakeholders and members of the public to create a vision and address key issues for a management plan for the park. Helped consult with local First Nations to address park management issues.

Gorge Waterway Initiative
Capital Regional District (CRD)

Facilitated monthly meetings over two years for the Gorge Waterway Initiative, a multi-stakeholder committee concerned with stewardship of the waterway. Subsequently ran two, all-day training workshops to move the group towards self-facilitation.

Consultation and Facilitation
Sea Breeze Energy

Provided strategic advice on public, stakeholder and First Nations consultation, organized meetings with local and provincial environmental groups, and facilitated public consultation meetings.

NIMBY Workshop
BC Food Processors Association

Delivered a presentation and facilitated a discussion on how to design communications and consultation programs when communities are opposed to locating a particular facility in their "backyard."

Public Consultation for the Campbell River-Comox Valley Reinforcement Project
BC Hydro

Designed and managed a public consultation process for the siting of a substation in the Comox Valley. Work involved individual stakeholder meetings, public open houses and meetings, and supporting communications materials, advertising and media relations.

Update of the Official Regional Parks Plan
CRD Parks

Developed consultation and communications plan designed to assist in the review and updating of the official plan for CRD's regional parks.

Consultations on Treaty Issues
Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

As part of three-way cooperative agreements with the federal government, local First Nations, and the province, helped plan and deliver public education on the treaty process, including public meetings, workshops, media relations, and other activities at communities across BC.

Vegetation Resources Inventory
Beacon Hill Communications (Ministry of Forests)

Developed plan for a consultation process with public and stakeholders around a new Vegetation Resources Inventory process.

Open House and Public Meeting
Haliburton Community Organic Farm

Facilitated open house and public meeting for an urban farm demonstration project that was seeking support from neighbours and the broader Victoria community.

Standing Offer
Environment Canada

Alan Dolan & Associates held a three-year standing offer with the Pacific and Yukon Region of Environment Canada for the provision of facilitation and public consultation services.

Selected Contracts: Facilitation

Gwaii Haanas Advisory Committee
Parks Canada/Haida Nation
Faciliated three-day workshop on the management plan for Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. Members of the committee were drawn from Haida elders, youth, commercial fishing, recreational fishing, tourism, environmental groups and academia.

Commercial Fishing Strategy
Secretariat of the Haida Nation

Facilitated workshop to develop the structure and function of a Commercial Fisheries Enterprise associated with the Haida Nation.

Ocean Noise Pollution Workshop
World Wildlife Fund

Facilitated multi-sectoral, two-day workshop on ocean noise pollution for participants from research, conservation, industry, academic and other organizations.

International Airshed Strategy
Environment Canada

Facilitated two-day meeting with members of the Georgia Basin-Puget Sound International Airshed Strategy Committee.

Ecosystem Indicators Focus Groups
Environment Canada

Led two small listening groups to determine whether the written and graphic presentations of ecosystem indicators were reaching key audience groups or not.

Boat Hull Maintenance Workshops
Environment Canada

Planned and facilitated three, all-day workshops for boatyard and marina managers in the Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria areas.

Revenue Strategy Workshop
Parks Canada

Developed, facilitated and wrote up a report for this two-day workshop to engage key Parks Canada staff from across the country in the development of a revenue strategy for Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Community Meetings
Gabriola Commons
Facilitated two community meetings during the early phases of development of this grassroots organization.

Air quality dispersion modelling workshop
Ministry of Environment

Facilitated two workshops with a group of technical experts, regulators and consultants to solicit feedback on guidelines for air quality dispersion modelling in BC.

Workshop Facilitation
Georgia Basin Action Plan, Environment Canada

Facilitated small groups at two annual meetings of the Georgia Basin Action Plan.

Funding Environmental Technologies Workshop
Environment Canada

Lead facilitator of a one-day workshop for representatives of the environmental industry to learn more about government funding opportunities for their businesses.

One-Tonne Challenge / Climate Change Workshop
Environment Canada

Facilitated one-day workshop for representatives from not-for-profit groups, community organizations, businesses and municipalities who received funding from Environment Canada.

Session Chair
Coast Waste Management Association

Chaired various sessions at the annual meeting of this coastal network of businesses concerned with solid waste and recycling.

Strategic Planning Retreat
The GAIA Project, Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter

Facilitated a weekend strategic planning session.

Strategic Planning Session

Facilitated a weekend strategic planning session for this Langford community group.

Strategic Planning Session
Coastal Community Credit Union

Facilitated three-day strategic planning session for board members and management team.

Strategic Planning Workshop
Greater Victoria Savings Credit Union

Facilitated weekend workshop with members of the board.

Other related experience

Worked with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to design a consultation process and facilitate a multi-stakeholder advisory committee that was established in response to a proposed park. Responsible for planning and implementing public consultation processes for gypsy moth and other forest pests in southern Ontario.

While working at the BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, oversaw the province-wide consultation process for new environmental assessment legislation. Co-authored Guide to Public Consultation for the Environmental Protection Department at the ministry and provided counsel to a number of programs involved in policy consultation activities.