Alan Dolan & Associates

Public and stakeholder engagement at a regional park

Capital Regional District

Photo Credit: Alan Dolan

Alan planned and facilitated public meetings and workshops to seek public and stakeholder input on a proposed management plan for the CRD’s Island View Beach Regional Park.

There was a long history of attempts by CRD to engage with the public that had resulted in massive mistrust on both sides. Much of the planning process involved developing engagement approaches that would be more effective and palatable to a broad range of stakeholders with very different ecological and recreational values. The scientific basis of the management plan, including how it addressed species at risk, future climate change scenarios and environmental protection were all called into question by certain stakeholder factions.

There were four large public meetings with small group sessions. Alan coordinated teams of small-group facilitators to work together at these meetings. He also facilitated a number of individual stakeholder sector meetings.

Two engagement reports intended for public audiences were developed that themed up and summarized the main issues in the management of the park, and offered recommendations for moving forward.

Alan provided strategic communications and messaging advice to the CRD as there was considerable media and political interest in this park management planning process.

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