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Strategic communications planning

Various clients

Photo Credit: Alan Dolan

Alan has provided strategic communications planning, issues management, messaging and other strategic communications advice to groups involved in resource management planning, including:

  • Coastal First Nations – Great Bear Initiative – Developed a communications strategy for this First Nations organization’s marine planning initiatives. The strategy included a situational analysis, specific messages to targeted audiences and sectors, communications actions and ways to measure success, and an implementation plan.
  • Nanwakolas Council – Prepared a marine planning communications strategy for this First Nations organization with members from the north end of Vancouver Island. Re-visited and revised the plan two years later.
  • Red Deer River Watershed Alliance – Wrote and revised communications plans for this watershed planning non-profit and implemented plans as part of a public and stakeholder consultation process.
  • Skeena Quality Waters Strategy (BC Ministry of Environment) – Developed a communications framework for the Skeena Quality Waters Strategy, a community engagement project on steelhead angling in the Skeena River system.
  • Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) – Provided communications planning, strategic communications, media protocols, and messaging advice to MaPP partners.
  • Beaver River Watershed Alliance – Wrote “Communications and Engagement Strategy for the Integrated Watershed Management plan.” Engaged stakeholders, First Nations and Métis communities in an understanding around the watershed planning process.
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